What's a Combination?

A combination is a fabric popup display that uses a collection of elements from our standard range mixed with something special. Fabric media walls, counters, tablecloths and banner stands are all part of the combination group and are the cornerstone of a fabric popup display.


Our products are designed to be lightweight and to fit in your car, not a truck.

Easy to assemble

Sit back, turn on a pump and watch our products inflate themselves.


Rather than buying a new product for every event you can just reskin anything you buy off us. Think of it as changing a bed sheet.


All of our products are vibrant and fade resistant!

PopUp changes the way you install exhibitions forever.

What do you mean by Inflatable?

When we say inflatable we mean it. Some of our counters can be installed in 15 seconds. If you would like to see it in action feel free to get in touch.

What about Backlit?

We have installed LED lights in almost all of our products so your brand will stand out!

Okay, but what about true strength?

It means what it says, our products can take up to 80kg. We’ve tested it.

Let's create

Ready to start creating an amazing event?